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Cindy Roddick-Smith's 
Artist Process
People... Pets... Places...

Step 1    Your Choice depending on what the subject matter is.
               a) 15 minute photo session at your home  (custom nude)
               b) submit 1 - 3 photos (people, pets, places)
Step 2    Artist will provide a 'contact sheet' of your favourite photos

Step 3    Once 3-5 images are selected... the artist will sketch them a variety of colours and sizes

Step 4     Sketches will be over-layed on top of your desired final location of artwork

Step 5     Client selects favourite colour, pose, size

Step 6    Final sketch is done and digitally over-layed on chosen location

Step 7    Painting/Drawing will begin!  Estimated duration 2 - 6 weeks.
Note:  Typically when only one image is supplied then Steps 2 - 4 are omitted and estimated time of completion is 1 - 3 weeks.

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